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History: SIBIR - from refrigerator manufacturer to the kitchen and laundry experts

The SIBIR brand became well-known for the innovative production of refrigerators. However, the company headquartered in Spreitenbach has expanded significantly since its establishment in 1944, transforming into the modern kitchen and laundry experts.

The beginning of a success story

SIBIR was founded in 1944 by Dr h.c. Hans Stierlin, who had the vision of producing refrigerators for the general public. He developed a prototype with a novel absorption system. Compared to the compressor refrigerators available at that time, these absorbers were sensationally quiet and affordable. It’s no wonder that demand for them grew rapidly. That’s how the SIBIR name became synonymous with refrigerators in the 1960s. Over the years, however, the compressor refrigerators became more and more energy efficient and absorber refrigerators fell behind. Sales collapsed considerably and the production of SIBIR refrigerators was discontinued in the 1980s. In 1990, SIBIR Haushalttechnik AG laid the foundations for a trade and service enterprise. It’s part of the V-Zug Group and is today a highly established, successful and fast-growing company. As a company that operates throughout Switzerland, SIBIRGroup has its headquarters in Spreitenbach as well as branches in Pully, Contone, Sargans and St. Gallen, in addition to regional service centres. The product range includes high-quality home appliances for kitchens and laundry rooms. Besides refrigerators and freezers, SIBIR also offers hobs, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers. These products are distinguished by their ease of use and excellent consumption values.

The SIBIR and GEHRIG brands merge

In 2007, SIBIR Haushalttechnik AG acquired the home appliance division of GEHRIG. GEHRIG had been firmly established as an SME in Switzerland for decades. Since then, the two strong brands SIBIR and GEHRIG have been appearing under a common flag in the home appliance market. The merger expanded the product range, consolidated the service network and strengthened the market position of SIBIR and GEHRIG.

Acquisition of ESCO Schönmann AG

As part of an orderly succession plan, ESCO Schönmann AG sold the laundry dehumidifier (ESCOline), laundry hanging system (ESCOleina), drying cabinet (ESCOcompact) and room dehumidifier (ESCOdryair) divisions to SIBIR Haushalttechnik AG as of 1 July 2008. The aim of the sale was to strengthen the market position, consolidate the service network and achieve optimum utilisation of sales and service in the new development and existing housing division.

Acquisition of Novelan AG

In October 2008, Novelan AG was acquired which until then had belonged to Schulthess Group AG. The company offered the sale and repair of brand home appliances and all associated services. Moreover, Novelan was also involved in heating technology with the sale and service of water pumps. SIBIR took over the home appliance division. Besides SIBIR, Novelan belongs to a small group of providers for all brands of home appliances, with a customer service active throughout Switzerland. The total revenue of SIBIR rose significantly by virtue of the acquisition of Novelan. The acquisition also resulted in a particularly dense, nationwide service network. In addition to the existing SIBIR locations in Schlieren, Bern, St. Gallen, Lugano and Prilly, the Novelan locations in Pully and Sargans joined the network. The acquisition of Novelan further strengthened the market position of SIBIR, especially in the construction and real estate management segments.

Acquisition of the container business of V-ZUG Ltd

In January 2009, the plastic and steel container business of V-ZUG Ltd was acquired. The offering encompasses galvanised steel containers and different variants in plastic. A range of tried and tested galvanised rubbish bins and refuse collection baskets as well as plastic bins are available at SIBIRGroup. This naturally includes an array of useful devices and accessories. Especially for construction and real estate management, it is an advantage to be able to offer everything from a single source.

Brand-neutral service organisation

SIBIRGroup does not limit itself to the sale of home appliances, but has developed a service organisation over the years which repairs or replaces appliances from all brands. It is therefore one of the few companies to offer this brand-neutral service in the whole of Switzerland, making it an ideal partner for construction and real estate management.

SIBIR also offers special heating solutions

For over 50 years, fully automatic hot-air stoves have been produced in Schlieren under the SIBIRtherm brand. These heating appliances are distinguished by their low consumption and installation costs. The product range is complemented by pellet stoves, manual and semi-automatic oil stoves, colourful fireplace stoves, slow-burning stoves and cookers. As a result of changes in legislation, production of the hot-air stoves will be discontinued in 2022. Replacement parts and repairs will be available until at least 2030.


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The environment is important to us. That is why we strive not only to offer sustainable household appliances, but also to consider the longevity of household appliances. Our aim is to have as little impact on our environment as possible through SIBIR's products and services.
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