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Our team is there for you throughout Switzerland. No matter whether it's a question of repairing or selling large household appliances. Our competent service staff are familiar with all well-known brands in the kitchen and washroom.

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24h service on working days for SIBIR appliances. 48h for all other appliances.

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No time for downtime. That's why SIBIR offers maximum service for your large household appliances. In addition to the service subscription, which protects you from high repair costs after the warranty expires, SIBIR is also happy to check the appliances of all relevant brands in the kitchen and washroom. You decide whether the check is carried out once or annually.

Calculation of service contract

Security beyond the warranty: In addition to the already valid 2-year warranty on all appliances supplied by us, we offer you a service subscription after the warranty expires. We will create a customised solution for you that offers you security, cost savings and relief.

Registration of warranty

Register your SIBIR device here so that we can react even more specifically in the event of a malfunction.


Do you have any questions?

In our FAQ you will find the most frequently asked questions about household appliances.
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Our CO2 footprint

The environment is important to us. That is why we strive not only to offer sustainable home appliances, but also take account of the longevity of appliances. Our goal is to ensure that SIBIR products and services have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.