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SIBIRGroup has been providing solid, innovative services and products for kitchens and laundry rooms since its foundation in 1944.

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Working at SIBIRGroup

At SIBIRGroup, you can find the ideal working environment to develop your skills. Engaged and team-minded employees ensure the high standard of our products and services. Their commitment and flexibility contribute significantly to improving our market position.
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Everything you should know about SIBIR

SIBIRGroup combines a customer-focused, Swiss, all-brand service with functional, high-quality products for kitchens and laundry rooms.
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SIBIR Leadership Team

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Our CO2 footprint

The environment is important to us. That is why we strive not only to offer sustainable home appliances, but also take account of the longevity of appliances. Our goal is to ensure that SIBIR products and services have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.
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SIBIR and its history

The SIBIR brand became well-known for the innovative production of refrigerators. However, the company headquartered in Spreitenbach has expanded significantly since its establishment in 1944, transforming into the modern kitchen and laundry experts.