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Our CO2 footprint

The environment is important to us. That is why we strive not only to offer sustainable home appliances, but also take account of the longevity of appliances. Our goal is to ensure that SIBIR products and services have as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.

SIBIR repair service

Repair, not replace

We offer the best support to allow home appliances to benefit from as long a product lifespan as possible. After all, the longer the lifespan of an appliance is, the greater the contribution towards environmental and climate protection. With SIBIRService, we offer a nationwide repair service throughout Switzerland for all brands of home appliances; as part of this service we are able to repair 70% of all appliances and only have to replace 30%. Our service technicians are on hand for you every day.
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Quality products for more sustainability at home

The energy and water consumption associated with the use of our home appliances is far greater than that of their production. We utilise this important lever for a sustainable future by offering appliances that conserve resources. We also encourage our customers to use their appliances sustainably with EcoManagement. For instance, the integrated EcoManagement with the SIBIR WA-V4000 provides information on the forecast and actual energy and water consumption. The “eco” option makes it very easy to reduce the environmental footprint of a standard program.


of all appliances are repaired - not replaced

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Closing the circle

Our long-lasting home appliances should also continue to satisfy our customers for many years after purchase. This is underpinned by the guarantee of replacement parts for up to 15 years. Many appliances can be retrofitted with smart features and expanded with product functions. We therefore protect the investment of our customers and contribute towards the sustainable use of resources. Resources.
SIBIR service technician repairing washing machine WA-V2000