The sensor-controlled AdaptTech cooling system with memory function provides an optimum climate inside the refrigerator. An electronic program registers how often the refrigerator door is opened. Data is saved continuously and the AdaptTech cooling system adjusts the temperature distribution and compressor activity accordingly. When the system detects that the refrigerator is usually opened and closed often between 6 pm and 7 pm, for example, it automatically increases cooling during this time. This keeps the temperature in the refrigerator constant at all times and food cool and fresh.

The anti-crease program is primarily suitable for blouses, shirts, T-shirts and cotton trousers. Following a program duration of 20 minutes under gentle heat, the garments can finish drying on the clothes hanger.

Anti-crease protection
When drying laundry, a 3D rib system prevents garments from becoming entangled and stuck together, thereby achieving better drying results. At the end of the drying program the laundry is slowly cooled, which also counteracts creasing.

The excretions of house dust mites often trigger allergies and respiratory problems. The anti-mite function can be chosen for all wash programs with a temperature of 60°C or higher.

The new enamel coating in all oven appliance lines improves the AquaClean function even further, making oven cleaning even quicker and more convenient. All you have to do is pour half a litre of water onto a baking tray and activate AquaClean. The result is visible on the entire surface and on baking trays in just 30 minutes: splashes and grease are softened and can be easily wiped away.

The SIBIR washing machines from the Exclusive Line are equipped with a sophisticated safety system that provides a high degree of protection against water leakage. This includes a safety valve on the water hose, a float switch at the base of the washtub (complete AquaStop) as well as an automatic water pump as overflow protection. In the event of a fault in the water line, the water supply is stopped using a mechanical device. Our models equipped with a complete AquaStop also feature a water sensor integrated into the base plate that immediately stops any unplanned water intake.

Automatic cooking
Recipe-free cooking. Automatic cooking always produces exquisite results simply, quickly and safely. The program for recipe-free and spontaneous cooking. The steamer automatically detects the quantity and size of the food to be cooked.

Automatic door opener
After the washing program, the door opener automatically opens the door around 100 mm wide. This shortens the drying phase, especially for plastic containers. Moreover, the door opener saves valuable energy and thanks to the automatic function, it also works when the dishwasher is started at night.

Automatic program
The automatic program knows what your dishes need. The program washes your dishes just right and also saves you up to 30% water, electricity and regeneration salt. The program duration is automatically controlled and takes between 65 and 115 minutes. (The actual duration may vary from these values, depending on the level of soiling.)

Basket program
Using the practical drying basket, shoes, gloves, stuffed toys or textiles are not moved in the drum for improved protection. This way, textiles can easily and conveniently be placed in the dryer. The dryer basket can be ordered as an accessory for all dryers from the Swiss Premium Line. The basket program can be selected under the “Textile types” menu item.

The ovens are equipped with spare capacity in the top section, providing extra space. This provides optimal air flow inside the oven for an even larger space. The larger capacity enables food preparation with larger baking trays and oven dishes, while the exterior dimensions remain unchanged. Instead of three levels, this oven allows five levels to be used at the same time! Capacity amounts up to 75 litres in standard ovens and up to 53 litres for models designed for 45 cm niches.

Biological washing
This wash program is specially intended for users who want to care for their laundry with biological washing detergents or aids, such as eco wash balls or soap nuts. The water level during the wash program is increased, with temperatures of up to 90°C and increased drum movement.

Catalytic cleaning simplifies oven care tremendously. As soon as the oven reaches a temperature of 200°C during the baking process, greasy residues are automatically absorbed by the catalytic interior walls and then oxidised. The porous, rough structure of the interior and rear wall of the oven is able to absorb grease and dirt even more effectively.

Cellar compartment
With its mild temperature of 8 to 12°C, the cellar compartment is ideally suitable for storing cold-sensitive food such as potatoes and exotic fruits. Beverages are cooled to a pleasant drinking temperature. The pull-out for bottles is attached to rails and is particularly practical. It contains a removable beverage basket that provides space for six bottles.

Childproof lock
The washing machine door can’t be opened during the wash program. Pressing a certain combination of buttons on the control panels prevents any further changes to the set programs, offering additional protection.

CrispZone with moisture regulator

Fresh fruit and vegetables spoil faster than other food. In the spacious CrispZone refrigerator vegetable drawer, fruit and vegetables not only stay fresh, you can even regulate the humidity.

CrispZone with VitaLight CrispZone XL
This drawer features VitaLight and SmartHumidity. Low temperature, automatic moisture control and special lighting keep food fresh for longer. The SmartHumidity moisture regulator uses a special membrane to remove excess humidity automatically, keeping the moisture in the drawer at an optimal level at all times. VitaLight supports the natural ripening process, preserving the vitamins so fresh fruit and vegetables stay crisp for longer.

Delayed start
You can define the start time up to 24 hours in advance. This way, your washing machine or heat pump dryer can also be used at the right time during your absence – or at night when energy tariffs are the cheapest.

The down program can be selected under textile types. Thanks to the lower temperatures, it treats the fabric extremely gently and dries down laundry soft and fluffy, to the last feather.

Besides the different types of hobs available, you can also choose between different designs and installation variants. DualDesign offers more flexibility and ensures hobs are perfectly integrated into any kitchen.

The DuraHeat heating element is equipped with a safety system that protects against overheating. This makes it extremely durable and the laundry is washed at exactly the intended temperature.

The DynamicCooling system provides even temperature in the whole refrigerator. DynamicCooling contributes to reducing energy consumption. All Advanced Line models are equipped with the DynamicCooling system.

EasyCook is ideal for simplifying cooking. With over 100 helpful preconfigured settings for cooking, you can activate the optimum setting at the press of a button. You simply place the food – such as vegetables, fish or poultry – into the oven, press start and the appliance will run the right cooking program suitable for the food.

Eco drum
The interior of the washing drum and its structure are incredibly important for efficient washing, rinsing and spinning. The washing machines with SensoCARE technology are all equipped with a high-quality stainless-steel drum. To achieve maximum efficiency, three different drum sizes are available depending on the depth of the washing machine (45 cm or 60 cm) and load capacity (6, 7, 8 or 9 kg).

EcoManagement - drying
EcoManagement allows you to monitor the energy consumption of your dryer. A consumption display shows you the expected energy requirement before the program starts and the effective consumption after the program ends. If desired, you can also view the total energy consumption of your appliance or the average consumption of the last 25 programs. This gives you full transparency when drying.

EcoManagement - washing
EcoManagement by SIBIR enables you to see the energy and water consumption of your washing machine as well as the expected consumption before a wash program. The eco button, which can be activated as an optional extra for any program, makes the program take a little longer but uses less energy.

EcoMode - cooling
The EcoMode program allows you to save lots of energy when you leave your home for a longer period of time. Since the refrigerator door will not be opened as often or indeed at all, you can activate energy-saving mode for your appliance and achieve maximum energy savings.

Eco program - drying
The eco button provides the most energy-efficient way to dry textiles. While the program takes a little more time, more resources are conserved when drying your laundry.

Eco program – washing
The eco programs make washing machines even more efficient. Even more energy can be saved by reducing the temperature and extending the washing time.

Energy efficiency
According to the Energy Efficiency Directive 2012/27/EU[1], energy efficiency refers to the ratio of the output of performance, services, goods or energy to energy consumption. Energy efficiency is therefore considered the more rational use of energy.

For quickly freezing food, perfect for when the freezer has just been restocked.

Favourite button
Washing machines allow you to save your most used wash programs and activate them conveniently.

We are proud to offer the biggest and most efficient filter system on the market. It comprises a 3D filter in front of the condenser, a filter in the dryer door and a filter inside the drum. These filters collect even the smallest dust and fibre particles from clothes, which you can simply wipe off with a damp cloth. They provide 40% greater filter performance.

Fluffing program
This quick and highly efficient program makes your woollen garments feel as fresh and fluffy as new. Moderate heat loosens and softens the fibres.

The exclusive fondue/raclette program is ideal for the traditional Swiss delicacies. Fondue pots, mini raclette pans as well as oven dishes are cleaned perfectly without prior soaking thanks to the active soaking phase.

The FreshBox creates the ideal conditions for storing meat, fish, poultry and sausages with temperatures around freezing and low humidity.

The drawer with the lowest temperature in the refrigerator is ideal for storing meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. Food stored in the drawer retains freshness, flavour, colour and taste for much longer. Depending on the temperature setting, the temperature is around 2°C lower than in the rest of the refrigerator.

FreshControl zone
Professional cooling technology for the highest demands with temperatures just above zero. Drawers are equipped with continuous humidity control or are preconfigured. Meat, fish, poultry and sausages stay fresh for longer with reduced humidity (around 50%), and vegetables, salad and herbs with increased humidity (up to 90%).

The improved insulation significantly reduces ice formation on food and inside the refrigerator. This means less inconvenient defrosting and more economical energy consumption.

Frying zone
The HiLight hobs include a frying zone, an enlarged cooking zone suitable for larger cookware such as a roaster pan.

The dryers feature two drying modes: NormalCare and GentleCare. NormalCare is the best option for normal, everyday drying, while GentleCare is specially developed for drying sensitive fibres. Thanks to the GentleCare drying mode, the Gorenje dryers care excellently for sensitive laundry at a temperature of just 40°C. Drying takes longer but is completely safe and reliable.

Many fitted hobs and ovens can be conveniently closed with the GentleClose function. A light tap is all that’s required and the door gently closes itself. GentleClose ensures excellent ease of use.

A wide range of smart programs, such as the patented soft roasting or automatic cooking, deliver perfect results with their unique parameters. Success guaranteed!

Heat pump with TwinAir
Dryers with a heat pump achieve very high energy efficiency classes, even up to A+++, where 50% more energy is saved than with A-class appliances. We are particularly proud of our dryers that meet energy efficiency class A+++ and have a drying capacity of 9 kg. This combination of properties is unique on the market. We were able to attain this high efficiency by optimising a standard heat pump, representing a major step forwards. All parts of this system (heat exchanger, compressor and motor) have been designed to be suitable for large quantities of laundry. This includes the 120-litre drum which is the largest on the market. Moreover, we use larger ventilation channels for fast and efficient drying, regardless of this large capacity. The heat pump also provides more gentle drying at 50°C than with conventional drying systems.

Refrigerator hygiene also contributes significantly to fresh food and healthy nutrition. In cooperation with the leading Swiss company SANITIZED, SIBIR utilises a novel plastic in refrigerators which inhibits the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms on surfaces by up to 99.9%. The modern material also prevents unpleasant odours.

Hygiene recommendation
Over time, microbes and unpleasant odours can develop in the washing machine. The appliance alerts you with the hygiene recommendation that a program at or above 60°C hasn’t been selected for some time.

IonAir & DynamicCooling
Air specially enriched with negative ions retains flavour and eliminates unpleasant odours. The innovative air circulation system provides temperature equalisation throughout the refrigerator compartment and an even distribution of ionised air, allowing all kinds of food to be stored on any shelf.

IonAir & MultiFlow360°
Ideal micro-climate in the refrigerator: The high-quality technology enables the natural process of ionisation to keep food fresh for longer. The negative ions generated in the appliance continuously provide fresh and well-oxygenated air, thereby imitating a natural micro-climate. This creates an ideal environment for fresh food. The MultiFlow 360° air circulation system distributes the ionised air via 14 air ducts and results in even temperature throughout the refrigerator.

During the drying process, the ioniser releases the negatively charged ions into the laundry, which removes most allergens and bacteria from the clothing. Smoke, pollen and vapours are eliminated, while fibres become much softer and retain their shape. Creases and static charges generated while drying are removed, as are bacteria, mites, allergens, dust and odours. Ionisation occurs during each drying program with the models featuring the IonTech function.

The internal LED lighting in refrigerators provides excellent and highly efficient illumination. Their lifespan is 30 times longer than conventional lighting and consumes only a tenth of the energy.

MultiFlex zone
An automatic folding function in dishwashers allows the four rows of pins to be folded down with a single movement. They provide a large storage space particularly suitable for large plates, pans, bowls, steamer accessories as well as cups and glasses.

Multi-zone appliances
Besides a classic cooling zone and a freezing compartment, multi-zone appliances also feature a cold store and/or cellar compartment. The extra temperature zones allow food to be stored even more appropriately – the ingredients, quality and freshness of the food are therefore retained for much longer. If you value healthy nutrition and do not wish to buy fresh products every day, a multi-zone appliance is ideal for your needs.

The NoFrost technology in freezers provides intense circulation of cold air and therefore prevents ice from forming on food. Manual defrosting is a thing of the past.

NoFrost Plus
The NoFrost Plus function in the freezer compartment prevents ice from forming to keep energy consumption low and maintain an ideal micro-climate in the refrigerator compartment for fresh food. The circulating ionised air stops food from drying out and helps retain minerals and vitamins.

Hobs equipped with OptiGlass are highly robust and almost as scratch-resistant as diamond. On the Mohs scale (which measures relative hardness), the coating achieves a value of 9.5. The hardest and most scratch-resistant mineral is diamond, which scores 10. The extremely tough coating of OptiGlass hobs means that almost no scratches develop in daily use. Hobs fitted with OptiGlass not only excel with their durability, they also impress with their elegant design. The reflective glass effect provides an aesthetic look in the kitchen and a high-quality impression that lasts for years.

With the extensive EcoManagement, we help you run your household ecologically and responsibly. The smart delayed-time function, OptiTime, is part of EcoManagement and is integrated as a world-first in the latest washing machines. How OptiTime works: You place your laundry into the drum, select your usual wash program and then set the desired program end time using OptiTime. A normal delayed-start function only starts the program when necessary in order for your laundry to be finished by the desired time. By contrast, OptiTime starts the program earlier and uses the time available to wash more ecologically. With OptiTime, your washing machine washes with normal heat output at a reduced washing temperature and extends the duration of the program automatically. This way, you achieve the exact same washing results with OptiTime as with the normal program.

The best baking results with an electrical fitted oven are achieved using the 3D infrared grill. A large heating element is located outside and a small one inside. With some models, the heating elements can be activated separately; you can either bake with just the small interior heating element or with both. Thanks to optimum heat distribution, excellent baking results are always achieved – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

How this oven function works: Heat is provided by the convection fan and the intense bottom heat. The base of the food becomes crispy and therefore does not need to be pre-baked. This function is ideal for pizzas, fruit tarts, cheese cakes and savoury quiches.

Professional baking
Professional baking mode combines steam with hot convection. It is perfect for all baked food as well as pastries, which become particularly light and airy. Bread and rolls rise beautifully, develop an appetising crust and stay fresh for longer. The “Professional baking” operating mode combines steam with hot convection, ideal for raising bread, braided bread, puff pastry and yeast dough.

A program for quick laundry care in only 17 minutes with a washing temperature of 30°C.

A constant temperature in the refrigerator is very important. The refrigerator reduces the temperature by 3°C lower than normal to cool freshly stored food quickly and gently, before automatically returning to its normal state after six hours.

For the first time, an automatic function allows meals to be warmed up crisply and freshly. Dishes can be warmed up on multiple levels without a loss of quality or moisture.

A refrigerator (also known as a fridge) is a cabinet-like appliance that automatically maintains a low temperature inside. They are typically electric, although some are powered by fuels. The interior of the refrigerator is cooled by means of a cooling unit often located on the reverse side and controlled via temperature regulator. There are also refrigerators that work based on evaporative cooling or using low exterior temperatures.

Using a special combination of steam and hot convection, you can warm up and enjoy prepared dishes or ready meals without any loss of quality or moisture. Even different dishes can be warmed up at the same time.

SensoCARE - drying
Drying for heat pump dryers: NormalCARE with optimised drying programs for all laundry types and GentleCARE that dries at a low temperature, to protect your textiles even better.

SensoCARE - washing
Every fabric requires special treatment and the optimum combination of temperature, water quantity and drum rotation. This knowledge gave rise to the development of the innovative SensoCARE technology. The continuous support from eight sensors and other smart solutions make it possible to wash truly white laundry at low temperatures. The right combination of washing parameters, especially a constant temperature and gentle drum motion, ensures optimum laundry care, even for sensitive laundry made from pure silk.

SensorIQ technology

The smart SensorIQ technology encompasses six sensors that automatically adjust the drying process according to the selected program, type of laundry and desired level of drying. The efficient communication between the sensors prevents any errors during the drying process and provides the best drying conditions for your laundry. At the same time, the sensors monitor all parameters for lower energy consumption.

Skin protection program
Even well rinsed laundry is often not rinsed sufficiently for sensitive skin or in the case of allergies. Thanks to its specially optimised rinse process and highly effective drum flooding, the skin protection program finally eliminates washing detergent residues.

Soft roasting
Think back to the last time you invited guests for dinner. Were you able to enjoy your starter? Or did you constantly have to check the meat in the kitchen? Not anymore with the refined “Soft roasting” program. The program automatically and dynamically controls the core temperature. Meat is prepared exactly for the desired serving time regardless of the cut, quality and weight. This way, you can keep your guests company before the main course. And because the meat will be succulently tender, you will be in high praise as the perfect host. Soft roasting: Perfectly tender meat, ready at the desired time, regardless of the cut and weight – 100% success guaranteed.

Sprint program
Dry in just a short amount of time thanks to the innovative technology of SIBIR. Whether you are drying 7 kg or just 2.5 kg, the sprint program dries your laundry in record time.

Steam anti-crease
The special steam anti-crease program makes ironing easier. The laundry is washed gently, spun and then treated with steam.

Steam drying
Drying laundry with steam: the gentle way to dry your favourite clothes practically crease-free. The result is up to 80% less creasing. The laundry is softer after drying, and ironing easier.

More and more health-conscious people are discovering gentle cooking. The modern lifestyle today is not only about keeping fit and healthy, but also enjoying culinary delights prepared freshly. The SIBIR steamers meet these needs in many ways. They make healthy eating easy and particularly delicious, like having your own personal master chef. Steaming also means you don’t need to constantly keep watch. Nothing boils over or burns. The SIBIR steamers gently retain the valuable vitamins, minerals and flavours of your food. So it is the ideal way to prepare vegetables freshly and gently. You’ll not only do a lot for your health, but also for your desire to enjoy good food.

Sterile tub hygiene program
The solution for fresh and clean laundry. If laundry is only cleaned with environmentally friendly washing detergent at low temperatures, bacteria may accumulate in the washing machine tub. As a result, clothes may emit an unpleasant smell after washing while they are damp. Thanks to the sterile tub hygiene program, the washing machine interior and washtub stay immaculately clean. For the optimal care of your washing machine.

A constant temperature in the refrigerator is very important. When the refrigerator is filled up with lots of fresh food, the SuperCool function reduces the temperature by 3°C lower than normal, before automatically returning to normal after six hours.

Thanks to the use of high-quality soundproofing and innovative inverter motors, the SIBIR washing machines from the Exclusive Line are particularly quiet.

Supreme coating
The type and quality of the enamel coating in the oven play a very important role in its function. SupremeGrey or SupremeAnthracite enamel is an incredibly durable and stable material that can withstand extreme heat, for example pyrolytic cleaning at 500°C. It protects all surfaces in the oven compartment and the baking trays against extreme temperatures and microwaves – entirely without micropores. The triple interior coating also provides greater heat reflection and additional insulation. Thanks to the active surface, grease and food residue can be burned at higher temperatures, eliminating microorganisms and keeping the interior safe and sterile.

Textile types
This button allows you to select different programs directly – such as for silk, baby laundry, jeans, bed linen, bath towels or many other textile types. The baby laundry program, for example, makes your baby fabrics wonderfully soft, preventing skin irritations and providing perfect hygienic results. The special down program treats the fabric extremely gently thanks to the lower temperatures and dries down laundry soft and fluffy, to the last feather.

The washing machines with SensoCARE technology provide efficient laundry care with minimal water and energy consumption as well as short program durations. The weight control sensor is especially important for achieving these results. It adjusts all parameters to the quantity of laundry inside the drum. A long service life as well as good washing results are guaranteed.

On the refrigerator, the desired function can be selected by softly tapping the sensor buttons, providing excellent ease of use.

Turbidity sensor
The turbidity sensor of a washing machine continuously monitors the soiling of rinse water and therefore detects when the laundry has been sufficiently rinsed. This results in two advantages: a perfect rinsing result and up to 30% less water consumption.

TwinAir is a system in which air is blown in two directions, which dries laundry evenly. Each model with a heat pump is based on the TwinAir system, which continuously adjusts the direction of air flow according to the rotation of the drum. The blower is equipped with a special flap that constantly opens and closes to control the direction of air flow. The result is soft, evenly dried and easily ironed laundry that is not entangled.

Dryers with UseLogic® technology: Smart moisture sensors continuously monitor how damp the laundry is and adjust the drying time accordingly.

A unique experience of taste, quality, freshness and aesthetics. The sophisticated cooking technique of the world’s best cooks can easily be used at home with the Combi-Steam. Top chefs support you with their skills, experience as well as tips and tricks.

Vibration absorbing system (VAS)
The VAS actively counteracts imbalances while spinning. The washing machine therefore runs particularly smoothly, enabling quiet operation. Mechanical vibrations and sound transmissions are reduced significantly.

Four new special “Vita” wash programs (anti-allergy, anti-mite, active and baby laundry) provide excellent user convenience and simplify laundry care even further. The programs are adapted precisely to the individual needs of users.

Why not treat your guests to a hot, refreshing towel like on a first-class flight or at a gourmet restaurant? These oshibori – as they are called in Japan – can be prepared quickly and easily in the steamer in just a few steps. But also cherry stone pillows, which are very popular in winter, hot stones for massages or hot compression wraps can be perfectly prepared at the press of a button.

WetClean enables particularly gentle cleaning for your finest garments – more gentle than any handwash program. This way, you can clean even your most delicate textiles in the washing machine.

Wool textiles can be gently dried in the heat pump dryer with the subtlest of drum movement.

The most spacious drawer in the combined freezer-refrigerator is located in the freezer compartment. Here you can easily store even large items of food. Perfect for the Christmas turkey, large joints of meat, pizzas or entire cakes. And if you need even more space, you can simply remove the drawer from the freezer compartment.

Lightning-fast freezing at extremely low temperatures. Sudden freezing retains the nutrients and flavours of your food.

The ZeroZone refrigerator drawer stores food at a temperature of around 0°C, ideal for fresh or marinated meat, fish and seafood. Sensitive food stays fresh, juicy and nutritious for longer.