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On trend and crease-free

Drying laundry is an energy-intensive process. In good weather, the sun’s natural energy can be used. Alternatively, in poor weather the laundry can also be dried indoors. But this produces water vapour and increases humidity. This is where the combined air dryer and dehumidifier ESCOlino from SIBIR can help. SIBIR expert Sibylle Gütiger explains what advantages this appliance has for laundry and the indoor climate.

Ms Gütiger, what are the advantages of drying fabrics using a combined air dryer and dehumidifier?

The ESCOlino combined air dryer and dehumidifier from SIBIR not only dries laundry in a gentle, energy-saving manner, it can also be combined with the ESCOleina laundry hanging system. The ESCO product range combines Swiss quality with the environmentally friendly drying of fabrics. It completes the SIBIR range for laundry rooms, whether for a single-family home or for shared laundry facilities in an apartment building.

How do combined air dryer and dehumidifiers work in principle?

The appliance dries the fabrics without dry friction. It blows dry air onto the lower part of the hanging laundry and gently dehumidifies the fabrics. This speeds up the laundry drying process and reduces creasing.

Do the appliances have enough range?

Thanks to special fans, this type of dryer has a drying range of up to 10 metres. The models are rated with the lowest energy category A1. They use neither room heating nor heat energy, since they dry behind closed windows and doors, providing a useful contribution to heating energy. Any energy used to operate the combined air dryer and dehumidifier remains in the room in the form of warmth.

Are there any other positive side effects?

Yes, thanks to space-saving installation on the wall, a combined air dryer and dehumidifier is quickly ready for use. The models feature easy controls. After pressing the “On” button, the electronics actively regulate the optimum amount of main and post-drying and minimise energy consumption and the time required.

ESCOlino 110 room air tumble dryer

Hand on heart: does the laundry smell fresh and is it always dried properly?

Definitely. All ESCOlino appliances offer efficient and quick drying. As soon as the desired level of drying has been reached, the combined air dryer and dehumidifier automatically switches off and saves unnecessary running costs. All ESCOlino models are designed to be as easy as possible to maintain.

Many laundry rooms are found in the basement and have no heating. Does the combined air dryer and dehumidifier help improve the indoor climate in autumn and winter?

It does indeed. This appliance already dehumidifies the room. Particularly in the case of new buildings, moisture often can’t be dissipated through the exterior façade. This is where the ESCOlino can help. It quickly extracts moisture from the rooms and prevents mould as well as musty odours. In this way, it also helps prevent health issues and property damage. This is similarly the case with summer humidity, which is likewise regulated incredibly efficiently by the ESCOlino.

In other words, the ESCOlino kills two birds with one stone: laundry is gently dried and an improved indoor climate protects the property?

That’s right.

But the laundry also needs to be hung properly. What do you recommend?

The matching laundry hanging system ESCOleina. It’s a laundry hanging system tailored to each laundry room, made from high-quality aluminium, and is ideally paired with a combined air dryer and dehumidifier. With this clever laundry hanging system, the laundry is dried gently and crease-free in next to no time.

ESCOlaina laundry hanging system

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