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A natural for sales

Robert Dodaj is the Regional Sales Manager at SIBIRGroup and is known for his unwavering dedication. Not only does he tirelessly champion the needs of his B2B and B2C every day, he also maintains a dynamic relationship with the internal teams in Scheduling and Customer Service.

Mr. Dodaj, how did your first appointment go this morning?

My morning got off to a very positive start. At my first appointment I had to present SIBIR to a key property owner. It was a fruitful meeting. I successfully engaged the owner’s interest in SIBIR’s offering and left them enthused about our potential collaboration.

What does your role as Regional Sales Manager at SIBIR involve?

As a Regional Sales Manager, I am responsible for providing comprehensive care and support to both our corporate and private customers throughout Zurich and Central Switzerland. In addition to nurturing these existing relationships, my remit involves the pivotal task of acquiring new customers within my scope of operations. This dual role necessitates a thorough approach to ensure both existing and prospective customers receive optimal support and guidance.

Which departments do you collaborate with most closely?

In my daily work, I collaborate most frequently with the teams in Scheduling and Customer Service. It is vital that I communicate regularly with these teams to ensure all operations and transactions run smoothly. The experienced and proficient members of both these teams collaborate efficiently to deliver an exceptional service to our customers and best meet their individual needs time and time again. This close collaboration translates into a well-oiled, coordinated process that ensures we are able to flexibly adapt and respond to our customers’ needs.

What common characteristics have you identified in SIBIR products?

SIBIR products unquestionably embody the qualities of Swissness, elegance, and focus on a simple, minimalist design. These elements represent a hallmark of quality. Focusing on simplicity and minimalism not only enhances the user experience but also reflects the product’s timeless design. The purpose of these qualities is to ensure SIBIR products are not only functional but also aesthetically appealing and still uphold the renowned standards of Swiss manufacturing tradition.

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And in the area of all-brand servicing?

Clear trends can be discerned in the evolving landscape of all-brand servicing. There’s a growing demand for consolidated services from a single provider. The importance of having just one point of contact for diverse needs is steadily gaining traction. With this in mind, pricing most notably is no longer the sole determinant. Customers increasingly prioritise a professional and efficient service, perceiving it to be of greater value. This underscores a shift from purely cost-driven decisions to greater focus on comprehensive service excellence and a hassle-free experience.

How do you perceive your interactions with customers, whether with administrative entities or private individuals?

My experiences with customers, whether I’m engaging with administrative entities or private individuals, are always positive from start to finish. I feel very privileged to be able to enjoy and nurture such pleasant relationships with our customers at SIBIR. Collaborating with both administrative entities and private individuals is positive and constructive, and I truly appreciate the opportunity to contribute to their success. I am keen to continue providing them with unfaltering support and to build on more fruitful collaborative endeavours in the years ahead.

You must have to provide bespoke services to achieve this. Do you develop your sales strategies by yourself?

We have a highly experienced management team who support us at a high level. When developing a sales strategy, we bear in mind that each customer has their own unique needs. This means it’s crucial to be flexible and to use the most suitable sales strategies at the right time. So, each member of our team must actively listen, provide individualised attention, and adapt their strategies as required.

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Let’s talk about sustainability. How can we cut down even more on CO2?

Looking specifically at home appliances, I would like to highlight the following possibilities: By extending the lifespan of appliances: SIBIR’s warranty for spare parts already represents a positive step forward in our collaboration with customers. A staggering 70% of appliances are now repaired instead of being replaced. By promoting longer a lifespan and ensuring spare parts are available, we actively contribute to reducing our ecological footprint and minimising CO2 emissions. These sustainable approaches not only align with environmental targets but also demonstrate our shared commitment to a resource-efficient future.

Is repairing faulty machines of greater importance today?

Definitely. I can personally see the shift and I believe it to be a very positive trend. Our customers clearly prefer to prioritise repairs over instantly replacing the faulty or damaged appliance with a new one. This not only highlights greater awareness and concern for the environment, it also mirrors an increasing appreciation for sustainable practices. The increased prioritising of repairing faulty machines is therefore not just a trend I have observed on a personal level, it is also unmistakably underscored by our customers’ preferences.

What was your dream job as a child?

When I was a child, my dream job was to become a police officer. However, over time I became increasingly interested in sales and it was this dream that ultimately came true at SIBIR.

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