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Washing machine repairs

A broken washing machine can cause big problems in the household, especially when it is normally used every day. Problems such as leaks, unusual noises or a complete malfunction typically occur without warning. A washing machine is a complex appliance that consists of many different components. It can therefore be difficult to identify the exact cause of a problem.

Usually, it is not necessary to dispose of a washing machine in the event of a minor defect, especially as this harms the environment. Both disposal and the manufacture of new washing machines require a lot of resources. The times when buying a new washing machine was cheaper than repairs are over. Environmental awareness and sustainability are priorities for the SIBIRGroup. For this reason, we strive to repair appliances wherever possible, instead of replacing them, in order to protect the environment.

  • The cost of repairs depends on the cause of the problem and the severity of the fault. In the case of minor defects, the costs vary between 200 and 700 francs. With major problems, the costs can reach 700 to 1,300 francs. Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible service. We understand that a broken machine causes great frustration. That is why we work hard to make the repair process as straightforward and stress-free as possible. Our experienced and competent technicians are happy to advise you and prepare an offer. Repairs are only carried out once the owner has placed the order.

  • It is usually always best to repair a washing machine. The availability of replacement parts is particularly important. Typically, most manufacturers guarantee the availability of replacement parts for up to 12 years.

  • In principle, yes. However, if the machine still has a warranty, this may be invalidated once a layperson performs repairs. It is also important to note that working on electronic components requires training in the electrical field (connection qualification according to Art. 15 NIV). But you can carry out minor repairs, such as replacing the filter, lint filter or sump without any issues. You can conveniently order the necessary original replacement parts for machines from most manufacturers online using the contact form on our website.

  • Generally, modern washing machines are monitored electronically. This means an error code is issued if a defect occurs. Most causes and error codes are listed at the back of the user manual of the appliance. These explanations help you determine whether a technician should be contacted or if the error can be fixed independently.

  • The SIBIRGroup offers a repair service for all brands of household appliances. Our experienced service technicians are trained to repair home appliances of common brands. We can also provide you with an offer from the chosen manufacturer in the event of an appliance exchange. But you can also contact the manufacturer of your appliance for the repair service.

We are happy to help

Nowadays, the costs of repairing washing machines are much lower than they used to be – even for problems with the electronics. Repairs are therefore not only financially worthwhile, they also make an important contribution to environmental protection. By repairing your appliance, you avoid unnecessary disposal and help conserve resources. The same is true for dryers.

Regardless of the brand, the SIBIRGroup helps you optimise the life span of your home appliances. With SIBIRService, we offer a nationwide repair service throughout Switzerland for all brands of home appliances; as part of this service we are able to repair 70% of all appliances and only have to replace 30%.

Using our form "Register service", you can quickly and easily register your faulty washing machine and request a technician for advice and repairs.